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Russell Yanofsky
In two dimensions!

Welcome to a personal home page. Pretty neat, huh? There are a few interesting things here, notably source code and information about programming projects I've worked on. Also, my resume. I'm available for hire in three and even four dimensions.

If you're reading this page, you probably know me somehow. There are many ways this is possible. I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and went to college at Columbia University in New York City. I also served in the US Army, and spent a year deployed to Iraq. I've been involved with a number of open source projects. Most of my coding contributions have been to the ViewVC project, but I've also made non-trivial contributions to the GCC and Subversion projects. I have a younger brother who goes to Penn State, and a younger sister. I am currently 25 years old, but it is possible this may change.