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This page contains descriptions and sources of various programming projects I've worked on over the years. It's not complete, but most of the interesting stuff is here. The controls at the right allow you to sort and filter the projects displayed.
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Name:My Old Home Page
Dates:02/04/2002 - 07/05/2003
Size:211 lines
Language(s):C# (100.0%)
Description:The original version of this website, a set of ASP.NET pages backed by a small Postgres database. The current version of the site is stored in a new repository and is written in Python.
Name:Tiger Compiler
Dates:02/12/2002 - 05/07/2002
Size:2,148 lines
Language(s):Java (100.0%)
Description:Project for a compilers class to write an interpreter and MIPS compiler for a simple procedural language called "tiger" using Java and the ANTLR parser generator. Worked on with 2 other people and we all contributed about evenly (this was one of the few school projects I worked on with competent teammates). The code isn't pretty or even fully functional, but it is the kind of hairy, mind-bending type of programming I truly enjoy working on.
Dates:03/17/2002 - 07/30/2002
Size:1,096 lines
Language(s):C++ (100.0%)
Description:Toy project containing a flexible implementation of the DHIES asymmetric encryption algorithm for the Crypto++ library, plus a bunch of unfinished template metaprogramming code that was supposed to become a cool policy-based smart-pointer library.
Name:Doctor Database
Dates:03/29/2002 - 04/02/2002
Size:2,315 lines
Language(s):Java (100.0%)
Description:Project for a database class to make a simple web application using Postgres and Java Servlets. Worked on with one other person. Demo and source code are available on a tomcat server I've got running at https://doc.russ.yanofsky.org/.
Name:Buffer Manager
Dates:04/09/2002 - 04/30/2002
Size:1,339 lines
Language(s):C++ (73.9%), Python (26.1%)
Description:Project for a database class to develop a disk caching algorithm and measure how well it worked by simulating database operations like lookups and joins on it with various sizes of data and adding up simulated hard disk access times. Code is some of the cleanest and best documented that I've written, but not useful outside of the context of the assignment. Worked on with one other person, though it was mostly a matter of me coding and him working on the paper.
Name:C++ Active Library for Device Driver Development
Dates:11/26/2002 - 01/03/2003
Size:542 lines
Language(s):C++ (100.0%)
Description:C++ template metaprogramming library that can take a description of a hardware device's registers (through C++ typedef declarations) and provide a high-level interface for controlling the device. Supposed to make device driver development easier and less error-prone. Repository includes source code and a 6-page paper describing the project.
Dates:12/09/2003 - ?
Size:1,173 lines
Language(s):C++ (100.0%)
Description:Toy project containing a C++ implementation of some of Freenet's cryptography and some ideas for a C++ asynchronous i/o framework.
Name:Rvalue references for G++
Dates:05/26/2005 - ?
Size:690 lines
Language(s):C (53.2%), C++ (26.5%), Python (20.3%)
Description:Implementation of a proposed C++ language feature for G++ 4.x. More information is available at the project homepage. (Line counts produced by counting "+" lines in the GCC patch with sloc's generic_count).
Name:Iraq Net
Dates:07/06/2005 - 10/03/2005
Size:2,728 lines
Language(s):Python (91.5%), C (8.5%)
Description:Various scripts and configuration files used to manage a satellite internet gateway on a linux box I set up while deployed in Iraq. There are scripts that control iptables and tc to perform traffic control and nat, block unauthorized computers from accessing the internet, and redirect new computers attempting to access the internet to a web interface where they can register and instantly enable access. The web interface is implemented in Mod_Python and along with registration pages also includes utilities to check the status of the satellite connection and monitor bandwidth usage. Other interesting things in the repository include a small DNS proxy server written in Python and some scripts to deal with configuration files stored in Subversion repositories.
Name:My Home Page
Dates:11/10/2005 - ?
Size:996 lines
Language(s):Python (100.0%)
Description:This web site, implemented in Python, backed by a Postgres database, and able to run either as a set of CGI scripts or in a Mod_Python environment. Uses the EZT template engine (from ViewVC), and an HTML widget framework I wrote based on the ones from my WCES (PHP) and Doctor Database (Java) web apps.
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