Russell Yanofsky

522 W 123rd Street, Apt 3W
New York, NY 10027


Position in software development.


Spring 2007

Columbia University School of Engineering

  • B.S. in Computer Science.

  • Coursework in Operating System Development, Database Systems, Compilers, Networking, Digital Logic, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Computer Vision, Statistics, History, and Economics



Major open-source contributions

  • GCC - implementation of rvalue references, a C++0x language feature for GCC 4.3

  • Subversion - port of Python and Perl language bindings to Windows

  • ViewVC – Windows port, code reorganization and active maintenance from 2002-2005


Web Development, Columbia University School of Engineering, New York, NY

  • Wrote and deployed a web-based evaluation system for engineering course evaluations. Primary features were a WYSIWYG survey editor, a graphical reporting system, an email reminder system, and various administrative interfaces. Written in PHP, SQL, Javascript, and PL/pgSQL (Postgres procedural query language) in approximately 20,000 lines of code.

  • Other smaller projects include a web crawler written in Delphi, a COM component used for authentication written with ATL in C++, and some additional web development with PHP, Perl, and mySQL.


I served in the US Army from 2004-2006, with a deployment to Iraq in 2005. Past jobs (high school) include temp work for Kelly Services and JFC staffing, phone tech support for Earthlink, electronics sales at Montgomery Ward’s, and tech support and computer assembly for PA Network, a local ISP in my hometown of Harrisburg, PA.


High Proficiency

C++ Language (STL, generic programming), Python, PHP, Javascript, Ajax/DHTML, SQL

Medium Proficiency

Win32 Programming (systems, GDI, windowing, COM), Borland Delphi (GUI, Object Pascal), Java (Swing, Servlets, Sockets, JDBC)

Basic Familiarly

Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic